The i-PRO 1 Series camera platform has been updated to provide enhanced performance in a cost-effective compact package.

The new i-PRO 1 Series Super Dynamic Full HD and HD Indoor and Outdoor cameras are now part of the Panasonic UniPhier® LSI platform - delivering the latest features in a compact form factor for specifications requiring understated-yet-powerful performance and footprint. Available in six models, the 1 Series yields 122dB Wide Dynamic Range, 720p to 1080p images at up to 30fps, and includes industry-leading processing technologies that produce clear images in some of the lowest light levels. The 1 Series now joins the Panasonic 3, 5, and 6 i-PRO Series camera lines with its high performance features and functionality - delivering high sensitivity for color images, day/night functionality, and Multi-process Noise Reduction (MNR). Finally, Panasonic Smart Coding Technology reduces the bit rate by removing unnecessary information from the video frame by up to 75%, while maintaining high picture quality and full H.264 compatibility.