Why Ruckus

The Business

Founded in 2004, Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in WiFi technology. Ruckus Wireless, Inc. (NYSE: RKUS) is one of the world’s fastest growing wireless technology suppliers. A WiFi technology pioneer with over 60 patents (and more than 80 pending), Ruckus offers a broad range of advanced indoor and outdoor “Smart WiFi” systems for mobile operators, service providers and enterprises. The company is credited with developing the first adaptive antenna (Smart WiFi) technology that improves the reliability, performance and capacity of WiFi networks. Profitable and cash flow positive, Ruckus realized revenue of $120 million in 2011 and has seen a compound annual growth rate of 64% between 2009 and 2011. With over 16,000 customers worldwide, the company sells its Smart WiFi systems directly to broadband providers and indirectly through a global network of value-added partners.

The Market

Ruckus Wireless competes in three distinct markets:

  • Wireless broadband access
  • Enterprise wireless LANs
  • Mobile operator infrastructure

The explosion of WiFi-enabled devices and multimedia services driving these multi-billion dollar markets has raised expectations for ubiquitous and reliable WiFi access. Ruckus Wireless is positioned to exploit and capitalize on these markets with unique and patented technology that brings new levels of reliability, range and performance to WiFi infrastructures.

The Problem

Originally, WiFi was developed as a technology of convenience, not to provide reliable, carrier-class connectivity. It’s ill-equipped to offer consistent performance at the range needed in the new era of streaming multimedia traffic. Signal interference and constant changes to the RF environment make it difficult to troubleshoot WiFi.

Furthermore, limited capabilities in managing a unified, end-to-end, wireless broadband infrastructure have forced operators to piece together complex networks with disparate products. Inadequate range, spotty coverage, and erratic behavior create an environment of inconsistent connectivity, one of the fundamental issues of wireless deployments.

The Solution

For the first time, range and reliability are available in unlicensed WiFi environments, thanks to Ruckus Wireless’ Smart WiFi technology. This patented technology steers signals around interference and obstructions, ensuring unprecedented coverage and performance.

Through a series of RF technology breakthroughs, Ruckus Wireless developed and patented miniaturized, software-controlled, intelligent antenna arrays and adaptive antenna technology. Now, WiFi signals can be formed, focused and directed in real time over the best performing signal paths. Ruckus Wireless integrates Smart WiFi technology into every system, ensuring extended range and reliable signals that automatically adapt to environmental changes.

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