Your Partner for E-Rate Success!

What does ScanSource’s Reseller Financial Services mean to you and your E-Rate Opportunities?  Our goal is to optimize your cash flow so you can win more E-Rate opportunities with a partner whose goal is to expand your purchasing power.

Floor Plan Financing:
-  Reseller is approved for a credit line and extended terms with agreed-upon payment terms via the floor plan partner.
-  The floor plan partner will facilitate payment to ScanSource, Inc. on behalf of the reseller.
-  The floor plan partner will typically take a secured interest in the goods purchases and sold by the reseller.

Working Capital:
-  We partner with a financing company that can provide a working capital line of credit and extended terms.
-  Working capital solutions are usually much more flexible than a traditional bank and often supplement existing bank lines of credit.

Assignment of Proceeds (Lock Box):
-  Two party agreement between ScanSource and our reseller in which the reseller has their end user remit payment directly to ScanSource’s lockbox.
-  The agreement provides ScanSource power of attorney to endorse the end user’s check.

-  A great option for resellers who sell to government entities
-  An escrow agreement uses a third party to hold funds until the appropriate obligations have been fulfilled
-  The funds are dispersed by the independent third-party escrow agent.

From trade credit limits to leasing, we work closely with our resellers to identify solutions that optimize cash flow, maximize purchasing power, and free you to pursue sales opportunities. Please give us a call to discuss any of these alternative financing options. We will be happy to explore but can’t guarantee that your request will be approved.