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  • AiPhone JO Series

    AiPhone JO Series

    Aiphone Access Control

    AiPhone Access Control

    Aiphone Accessories

    Aiphone Accessories

  • Aiphone DB Series

    Single and multi-tenant hands-free entry security intercom with door release built into the door station.

    Aiphone GF Series

    Aiphone GF Series

    Aiphone IE Series

    Aiphone IE Series

  • Aiphone IM Series

    The IM Series is a security window system that provides VOX operated hands-free communication between a customer and an employee on opposite sides of bullet proof glass. The system uses a speaker dri

    Aiphone IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom

    The IX Series is our first peer-to-peer, multi-platform video intercom system. With solutions for entry security, internal communication, paging, VMS integration, and a wide range of emergency and re

    Aiphone JF Series

    The JF Series can support up to 2 video door stations and 3 interior master stations. With built-in picture memory, the system can automatically record visitor calls or can be activated manually.

  • Aiphone JK Series

    Entry-Level Video Intercom with 3.5? Screen

    Aiphone JP Series

    The JP Series features a clear 7" touchscreen for menu navigation, door release, and identifying visitors. The system can support up to eight master stations with internal communication, and four doo

    AiPhone KB Series

    The KB Series is a video entry system with capacity for up to three video door stations and five handset master stations. The master stations are equipped with 4-inch screens for identifying visitors