Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Since the merger of HPE and Aruba in 2015, HPE and Aruba have been heralded as a global leader in wired and wireless LAN infrastructure. Aruba is a top choice for enterprises, school campuses, and organizations searching for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile devices in an increasingly connected world. Aruba has been lauded as a top choice in technology research and advisory firm Gartner's Magic Quadrant for five consecutive years, positioning the brand as a stand-out technology company that consistently delivers on vision and leadership.

With an abundance of diverse Wi-Fi and wireless networking solutions for enterprises, educational settings, government entities, retail stores, healthcare settings, stadiums and large venues, and small and medium businesses, Aruba's scalable products ensure always-on connectivity is never sacrificed.

Aruba Network Management Solutions

Reliable network management is more important than ever in today's industries. A digital workplace including “bring your own device” policies must ensure everyone can access the information they need in order for business to run smoothly, while speedy connectivity that stays on is needed to power everything from manufacturing plants to auditoriums.

In a world dominated by the Internet of Things, where more devices are becoming connected than ever before, a secure network that protects the sensitive data of a business and its customers is imperative. Aruba Network management solutions exceed expectations in network security and stability.

Don't let your customers gamble on their Wi-Fi connectivity. Aruba is a trusted brand that keeps organizations running, with customizable network management options to work for any sized enterprise.

Some of the product features that make Aruba stand apart include:

  • Aruba Instant Wave 2 Access points are the critical component of the mobile-first Wi-Fi network. They offer blazing fast speed, are reliable and visible in an easy-to-use dashboard that allows managers to quickly add new access points to increase Wi-Fi coverage. The controller-less Wi-Fi solution is easy to set up and protected by Aruba's enterprise-grade security protocols, warding off malicious content and keeping sensitive information safe.
  • Aruba Central Network Management in the Cloud. Aruba Central simplifies network management by providing zero-touch setup, centralized management of multiple Aruba Instant networks and mobility access switches, historical data reporting, PCI compliance monitoring, and troubleshooting for networks located around town or around the world. There are also subscription service options that allow resellers to provide network managed services for their customers.
  • ClearPass Network Access Control. This optional solution provides network operators with guest access, posture assessment, device profiling, and on-boarding. Like its name implies, ClearPass ensures visibility, workflow automation, and policy control to keep an organization's network streamlined and protected. With employees increasingly using their own devices for work, both in the office and remotely, ClearPass ensures all devices are secure, and organization networks are protected.

Aruba Wi-Fi consistently perform better than competitors. IT Central Station, one of the most reputable tech comparison sites helping hundreds of thousands of tech professionals make better purchasing decisions, ranks Aruba number one in wireless LAN. Aruba tops providers like Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, and Aerohive in speed, reliability, and ease of deployment.

The explosion of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) on wireless networks make the need for secure networks more important than ever. An increasingly connected ecosystem also means more accessibility to rich insights that can translate into actionable analytics to boost business productivity, making organizations work more smartly and more efficiently.

Fail-safe Wi-Fi, with fast troubleshooting and diagnosing keeps business always on, with no hassle or downtime. Burdens on IT are lessened because of streamlined network access, control, and reliability, so professionals can focus more on optimizing performance rather than having to worry about fixing it.

Aruba's powerful network capabilities allow for innovative offerings, such as indoor location services within mobile apps that deliver meaningful insights while enhancing user experience. Aruba solutions give organizations the tools and support they need to power those they work with and work for, and remain ahead of the competition.

Why Sell Aruba With ScanSource

Your customers are continually looking for ways to improve productivity, communication, and reduce the cost of doing business. Providing a way for their employees, staff and students to connect and communicate anywhere and anytime is one way to help them improve business and communications. Improving or upgrading their wi-fi network, and network management allows organizations to connect anywhere, anytime, and can also reduce the cost of office space and IT infrastructure.

Wireless and wired network solutions from HPE and Aruba are ideal to add to your product offerings to help your clients improve their business productivity, and for schools to improve their students ability to learn.

Scansource is a leading distributor and longtime partner of Aruba and HPE network solutions. Scansource understands that when it comes to designing and delivering Wi-Fi, resellers need a distributor that not only delivers the products on time, but most importantly provides technical sales support and customer service that closes the deal. Our FastPath reseller onboarding program is designed to get you trained, and up and running to sell Aruba Wi-Fi solutions. We have technical and dedicated sales experts who can help you with heat-mapping and designing the best Wi-Fi solution for your customers.

In addition, when you become an HPE Partner Ready For Networking Program reseller, you will reap the pricing, program and promotion benefits that will deliver profitable margin and incentives for selling innovative and leading edge end to end network solutions backed by HPE and Aruba’s limited lifetime warranty. The program offers exclusive deal registration, online and live sales and technical training, marketing and branding support, access to the HPE Partner Ready for Networking Program online portal, and access to Aruba’s field and inside channel sales and technical support teams.

ScanSource has an extensive selection of Aruba products to fit any organizations networking needs, with customizable options to ensure increased efficiency for any of your clients. If you're interested in becoming an HPE Partner Ready for Networking Program Reseller Partner, you can find more information here. Have questions? Call us at 800.964.8994 today.