Microsemi 9500G Multiport Series Managed PoE Midspans, Lifetime Warranty, Rack Mountable.

60W Per Port Gigabit Midspan for High Power Terminals

Microsemi's 9500G EEPoE family is designed to power network devices such as IP cameras, access control systems, thin clients, and other ethernet powered devices (PD) that require up to 51W - while reducing power losses by almost 3W per link for 25.5W devices.

PD-9500G Energy Efficient PoE (EEPoE) midspans are unique in their ability to deliver power over all 4 pairs of the Cat 5 or better cable, dissipating 50% less power than PoE Switches and 2-pair midspans,while fully complying with the IEEE802.3at-2009 standard.

EEPoE allows reduced power dissipation to new powered devices, and also to the huge installed base of over 100 million existing IEEE standard-complaint PDs worldwide.

With the midspan's plug-and-play installation, they are easily and cost effectively implemented leveraging an existing ethernet infrastructure, while at the same time providing the assurance of a future proof network.

Parts Available at ScanSource:

PD-9506G/ACDC/M - 6-Port Option
PD-9512G/ACDC/M - 12-Port Option
PD-9524G/ACDC/M - 24-Port Option


  • High Power over 4-pairs – 72W per port
  • IEEE 802.3at Compliant with 2-event classification
  • High efficiency, dissipating 50% less power than 2-pair switches and midspans
  • PowerView Pro secure, remote SNMPv3 web-based management
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Cisco and legacy PoE support
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Guaranteed uptime