PDS-104GO - The 4+1 Outdoor Switch, 60W per port, Managed PoE, AC Input

The PDS-104GO is an outdoor PoE switch. It enables the connection of 4 powered devices to the network - such as an outdoor WLAN, outdoor IP camera, and outdoor P2P radio. The switch offers  an SFP port for uplink, in order to support optical interface or electrical interface. The switch is IP66 rated and can be installed in outdoor environments. There is no need to open the unit during installation. Deployment is simple and straight forward. The PDS-104GO delivers PoE power up to 60W per device. In addition, it enables remote monitoring and control of the devices’ status, including remote reset. The 104GO extends the reach between the switch and powered devices by an additional 100 m, to a maximum of 200 meters, a major benefit in many applications. The PDS-104GO offers lightning protection to the switch itself, and to the indoor network.

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Key Features

• 5 ports – 1 SFP data input, 4 PoE outputs
• Remotely managed – SNMP and web
• Extends network reach by additional 100m
• Outdoor rated: IP66
• Extended temperature range -40ºC, +50ºC
• IEEE802.3at compliant, 60W per port
• Supports 10/100/1000Mbps data rates
• Includes integral surge protection
• Plug ‘n Play installation (installer does not have to open unit)