Why Panasonic?

Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions of America provides industry-leading solutions that capture, record, manage, and analyze video surveillance. Panasonic has re-engineered its hardware and software into a plug-and-play platform that delivers enhanced point-to-point data security and enterprise-level management—all wrapped up in powerful, intuitive applications. ScanSource offers Panasonic's complete and comprehensive line-up of security solutions with our high levels of image quality and mission-critical reliability—along with an extremely low total cost of ownership. Accelerate your Panasonic business today by contacting your ScanSource sales rep at 800.944.2432.

  • Plug and play solution
    reduces time of deployment

  • Wide range of integrated security and video surveillance solutions

  • Extremely low total cost of ownership

  • Every product has the latest, most innovative technology built in