Eliminate the Gap With Panoramic Technology

Getting the best possible coverage and performance out of your cameras is a priority for any application. But how do you know if your fixed or PTZ camera is giving you the coverage you need?

With the introduction of multi-sensor panoramic and single-sensor fisheye cameras, you can now get 180°, 270°, and 360° coverage, for total situation awareness.

Join Pelco by Schneider Electric for an exclusive Panoramic Camera Technology Web Seminar, where you will learn how to eliminate the gap with panoramic technology. This webcast will cover:

Emerging trends in panoramic technology
  • How coverage gaps create dangers for your business
  • Scenarios to determine when panoramic, fixed or PTZ cameras are the ideal solution
  • When traditional fixed or PTZ cameras leave you in the dark, Panoramic cameras can provide you with the solution your applications demand.
Register today for this free web seminar!

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