Intelligent Surveillance Appliances Built to Work with Leading VMS and IP Cameras Worldwide

Innovation and quality are top priorities

Razberi Technologies develops and manufactures next generation, intelligent surveillance appliances that are a superior alternative to general-purpose servers, switches, storage, and power for IP video surveillance.

Today’s video surveillance system and security needs are expanding rapidly, and security managers and integrator partners need to have the right technologies and platform for the job. It needs to be open, reliable, flexible, and scalable for a wide variety of demands and environments.

Since its inception, Razberi has provided open architecture platform to work with world-class video management software (VMS) providers that are certified to work seamlessly with Razberi’s intelligent surveillance appliances.


By providing a complete suite of Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ appliances in various form factors, performance, storage, and rugged capabilities, security leaders have a powerful platform to build a sustainable and reliable solution.

Razberi’s intelligent features enable security leaders to manage dispersed security systems from wherever they are. Razberi LocBeri™ provides cyber security protection for vulnerable IP-based cameras, and Razberi VyneWatch™ provides comprehensive health monitoring and proactive alerts of issues all the way down to the camera. As a result, there is better ongoing management and maintenance over video surveillance systems.