LONGSPAN long range ethernet and POE

The LONGSPAN and LONGSPAN LITE features and benefits are listed below:
  •  Long range point-to-point Ethernet over regular Cat5/Cat6 cable
  • Unrestricted 100Base-T with POE at over 800 meters on Cat6
  • Back-to-back pairs of LONGSPAN units can be used to increase the maximum distance to the camera
  • Rugged and made for high performance over extreme temperature range
  • Smart power and diagnostic display for reliable installation
  • Fully automatic, simple to install and maintenance-free
  • 600m on Cat6 @100Mbit/s with full 25w POE Plus delivery
  • 820m on Cat6 @100Mbit/s with 16W POE delivery
  • LONGSPAN part numbers are VLS-1P-B and VLS-1P-C
  • LONGSPAN LITE part number is VLS-1N-L