POINTSOURCE Wireless is a battery-powered PoE injector, with a wireless network link designed to allow simple and efficient IP camera installation with live video to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Veracity’s POINTSOURCE Wireless is a portable, battery-powered PoE injector providing wireless network access to the IP camera it is powering. The POINTSOURCE Wireless device is connected directly to the camera using a standard ethernet network cable. This delivers PoE to the camera and connects the IP camera to the embedded wireless access point within POINTSOURCE Wireless. By logging into the wireless network, live video can be viewed wirelessly on a smartphone or tablet. POINTSOURCE Wireless features automatic camera discovery, including ONVIF. 

POINTSOURCE Wireless includes battery and PoE status LEDs, and a separate charging adapter. It is designed to last a full day of network camera installation, and can be safely left to recharge overnight.