Manufacturer Partner Philosophy

ScanSource has a limited line card by design and we represent only the key manufacturers in our specific technologies. Our approach to potential manufacturer partners is multi-faceted with input from sales, merchandising, technical support and finance departments.

Criteria for Manufacturer Partner Consideration:
  1. Technology leadership is one of the most important criteria. We try to have the top two or three manufacturers in our chosen technologies.
  2. An active reseller channel is an equally important factor. This critical component proves that a product or technology has demand in the market and that there is a core of resellers who understand the product and have had some success in reselling the product.
  3. An exclusive distribution relationship with ScanSource is preferred, although not required.
  4. Rapid material revenue is important in order for ScanSource to invest in a new vendor relationship. When we launch a new vendor we invest a great deal of resources, from inventory on the shelf to training of our sales and technical teams.
  5. The executive management of a potential vendor must demonstrate support for, and understanding of, the role of two-tier distribution in the supply chain.
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