Entry / Exit Controls for Maximum Security

Controlling building access is essential for protecting businesses assets, including employees and data. Find buttons, keypads, entry/exit readers, switches and other devices to better manage who is allowed to enter your place of businesses.

Our sales representatives are trained in the latest building access control technologies. Let us help you find a solution for any building type or staff size so that you can close more sales. 

Keyless Entry for Easy, Yet Secure Access

Our inventory is full of keyless and contactless access readers and cards to easily manage entry and exit permissions for high-traffic buildings. Find proximity readers that allow personnel to easily open locks, even with their hands full. Design a custom access control system with our easy-to-use exit buttons, magnetic stripe readers, telephone entry devices and tamper-proof key switches.  

Building Exit Control Benefits:

  • Prevent forced entry and theft with interlocking exit bar latches that are virtually impossible to pry open
  • Prevent unauthorized entry after individuals exit the building
  • Maintain compliance with fire code regulations that ensure individuals do not become trapped inside buildings with controlled access during emergency situations
  • Added alarm units for instant notification of unauthorized entry

What is a request-to-exit (RTE) device? 

Request-to-exit devices open electric or mechanical door locks for individuals one at a time. They can be controlled with access cards or, for free exit, can be triggered by motion sensors or push-to-exit buttons.