High-Security Door Locks

Get the best in physical security control with high-security door locks and die-cast lock sets that easily integrate into your customers' existing access control systems. At ScanSource Security, we know building security. Let our experts help you design a custom building access control system for your customers, integrating tough locks that prevent forced entry.

Trusted Electromagnetic & Mechanical Locks

ScanSource Security offers resellers durable stainless steel locks from field-tested brands.. Find electromagnetic and mechanical lock and door strike sets compatible with all traditional and advanced door access technologies, including keypad entry, keyless entry via proximity card reader or biometric entry.

Our inventory includes locks to meet challenges for any scenario or application including retail outlets, educational facilities, hospitals, industrial warehouses and commercial centers. 

Find locks with advanced access control functionality including:

  • Built-in fire and hazard sensors
  • Remote door position monitoring and lock release
  • Discrete integrated video cameras

Our selection of door locks exceed industry standards for holding force, are compatible with metal, wooden or glass door frames and are designed for easy installation. Adjust the relock time delay on each door for flexible access control management.