Industry-Leading Office Audio Systems

Expand quality sound coverage in your business. Offices, religious buildings, educational institutions, restaurants, hotels, airports, retail stores and other businesses that house sizeable audiences can find the clarity, dependability and affordability needed for increased audio reproduction. 

ScanSource Security is committed to offering resellers industry-leading audio systems that exhibit high performance and availability for better communications. Our team of field experts have handpicked and approved audio products from trusted manufacturers.  Resellers can find trusted products, and consult our experts for educational training sessions and more services all in one place.

Complete Interoffice Audio Solutions

Whether you need specific hardware for your customer's existing office audio system or you need to integrate an entire fleet of new audio equipment, look to ScanSource Security for audio systems that boast features such as energy-efficient power-saving modes, compact, ergonomic designs, and simple installation.

Our refined inventory has been thoughtfully selected to reflect your customers’ needs.  Complete your audio solution offerings with:

  • Accessories that provide added versatility through microphones, attenuators and mounting kits
  • Amplifiers that offer audio reproduction boosts and built-in circuit protection
  • Microphone systems for flexible, wireless orating options
  • Mixers that supply enhanced audio system controls
  • Receivers and tuners for ensured audio balance consistency
  • Speakers that reach audiences from a diverse array of places, including wall, ceiling and shelf installations

Microphone Systems

Produce crisp, quality sound in presentation rooms during office conferences with microphone systems and voice enhancers. Install wireless speaker kits to gain theater grade sound. ScanSource Security provides the affordability you want and the flexibility your customers need in reliable audio qual ...... Learn more »


Simplify ceiling speaker installations with built-in spring-loaded clamps.  Amplify sound with horn, wall and subwoofer speaker systems. Get sound clarity, reliability and affordability when you choose office speakers from ScanSource Security.  Our resellers have access to thousands of o ...... Learn more »