Prevent Intrusions and Fire Damage with Detection Systems

Improve emergency communications throughout your customers' buildings. Ensure complete protection against breaking and entering as well as fire damage to minimize chances for asset loss and dangerous situations. ScanSource Security understands the vital nature of intrusion and fire prevention; that’s why we offer the industry’s leading security systems.    

Our thoughtful selection of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) and fire detection systems give resellers access to the latest, most reliable motion sensor and smoke detection technologies. Let the experts at ScanSource Security help you choose the right products so your reseller business can prosper.

We Put the Safest Preventative Technologies in Your Hands

Notify full staff of an emergency with fire alarm pull stations, chimes, horns and speakers. Amplify sensitive security points with strategically-placed sensors. Our expert-approved fire and intrusion prevention solutions protect businesses around the clock with: 

  • Durable control panels that supply thorough security system controls and management options  
  • Reliable detectors and sensors that offer sensitive motion and smoke detection in high traffic areas, blind spots and potentially hazardous areas
  • Intuitive keypads and touchpads that simplify end-user functions   
  • Preventative software that expands security system capabilities  
  • Sturdy notification appliances that increase the capability to quickly inform entire buildings of emergency situations