Improve Urgent Communications with Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms and More

Keep your customers safe and protect their business assets from fire damage. Prevent smoke and fire emergencies with ScanSource Security’s industry-leading supply of audible and visual fire alarm notification hardware and software. 

Whether you’re looking for helpful emergency exits, amplified fire sirens or bright strobe lighting, our sales representatives can help you to purchase the correct products and even offer post-purchase support to help you integrate items into your customer’s emergency communication system. Our inventory provides you with industry-best products, including pull stations, alarm sirens and push buttons, to close more leads.

Quality Alarms Essential for Your Customer’s Business

ScanSource Security’s experts are devoted to providing quality products from leading manufacturers that reflect the needs of our customers. Our complete lineup of fire and smoke detection solutions boast:

  • Customization to fit any language as well as a variety of colors
  • Durable weatherproof coatings that allow for deployment in hazardous environments where interaction with outside and dangerous elements are likely
  • Built-in prevention that protects against accidental notifications
  • Easily changeable field markings for added simplicity in strobe maintenance
  • Versatile switch/button activation options that offer best-fitting activation functions

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