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We put the value back in Value-Added Distributor.

At ScanSource Security, we know that it’s part of our job as your value-added distributor to build the tools you need. Tools for exchanging ideas, like our powerful blog, The Source. Tools that help you identify and connect with the right partners, like our innovative partnership directory, SUMOpartner. Tools that give you access to the most relevant, actionable technical information available, like our Technical Knowledge Portal. And, tools that support you from proposal through warranty on every deal. Whatever your challenge, we have the resources you need to grow your business today.

Who’s using our tools to grow their business? People just like you:

  • The VAR who knows that the right software would take his solution to the next level but needs help finding the right partner.
  • The reseller who knows the hardware like a manufacturer rep but doesn’t know where to begin with writing a marketing plan for her business.
  • The barcode VAR who needs help navigating the latest in mobility solutions.
  • The VP of Sales who’s looking for a secret weapon that makes his reps more technically savvy than the competition. 
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  • Hanwha Bandwidth/Storage Calculator

    ScanSource Security, US/Canada
    The bandwidth and storage calculator can be used as a tool to calculate frame rate, resolution, and compression. This software is free of charge and is designed for all Hanwha NVR and software products, to calculate bandwidth and storage utility. ...read more
  • Hanwha Network and Analog Visio Shape Tool

    ScanSource Security, US/Canada
    Microsoft Visio is a common program for network system design. Hanwha Techwin provides shape files of Hanwha Techwin devices to design the network system-included surveillance devices. With Hanwha Techwin shapes, network system designers can add devices to network system diagrams and get the FoV, p...read more
  • Hanwha Wisenet IP Installer Tool

    ScanSource Security, US/Canada
    The IP Installer Tool is an easy-to-download program that allows the user to search for any Hanwha IP camera that resides on the local network. It also allows the user to manually set the individual IP addresses of each camera in one location, which eliminates the need to enter each individual came...read more
  • Hanwha Wisenet ToolBox

    ScanSource Security, US/Canada
    Our new Wisenet ToolBox features three applications in one! Whether you are calculating storage requirements or selecting security products, Wisenet ToolBox helps you design the the optimal video-surveillance solution for your end-user application. ...read more